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MEGA, the Migrant Entrepreneurship Growth Agenda, helps cities, regions and national actors to strengthen policies that support businesses with an international background. Partner networks in France, Germany, Italy and Spain initiate new support measures and sustainable coalitions for policy change. Collaborating through cross-border know-how exchange, the partnership is at the core of an EU-wide network which advocates for improved support for migrant entrepreneurship on all levels. 

MEGA aims at:

• Measuring cities’ achievements and needs in supporting migrant entrepreneurship.

• Promoting networking at national level among all actors committed to pushing this political agenda for-ward.

• Setting a transnational platform to promote exchange of experience and knowledge among committed ac-tors from different EU countries.

• Proposing policy recommendations for and activating long-term policy dialogues with national and EU in-stitutions.

With its three pillars, MEGA will identify opportunities and obstacles and propose new responses in terms of policies, practices and funding programmes at local, regional, national and EU level. 


The 3 pillars of the network

Benchmarking and mutual learning

The benchmarking pillar is dedicated to assessing cities’ performance in terms of strengths, gaps, and possible areas of improvement. MEGA partner cities and regions from Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be matched and will mutually review their practices, gain insights into solutions of partners, and consider possible actions to improve policies and measures at local and regional level.

National coalitions

MEGA’s objective at national level is to generate sustainable coalitions setting migrant entrepreneurship support on the political agenda. Brought together by partner cities and regions, national coalitions aim at connecting actors committed to produce positive change in the field, such as local-level initiatives, business agencies, municipalities, chambers of commerce, immigrant associations or relevant national and regional authorities, etc. National Fairs and Meetings will be the highlights of the coalition building process. 

EU Coalition

MEGA also advocates towards EU institutions for raising awareness and generating policy debates on how to better promote migrant entrepreneurship support across the European Union. The network aims at including the national coalitions and all interested stakeholders to produce joint actions along two directions:

• Horizontally, to promote exchange of experience, knowledge and practice among actors from different countries

• Vertically, to bring actors’ views, recommendations and proposals to EU institutions.


Why to join MEGA’s activities?

MEGA offers a wide range of opportunities to policy makers, business associations, chambers of commerce, civil society organisations as well as practitioners and researchers committed to improving migrant entrepreneurship support policies across Europe:

• Join the European coalition - to create momentum for more attention to the needs and potentials of mi-grant entrepreneurship in EU policies or programmes.

• Join the National coalitions - to meet likeminded actors and get to know about MEGA’s activities and op-portunities at fairs and meetings, and to become part of agenda setting in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

A set of tools will be developed and made available to the general public:

• Policy recommendations to firmly set migrant entrepreneurship on the political agenda.

• International Best Practice Handbooks on key aspects.

• National and transnational Webinars with experts in the field.

The project MEGA has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

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