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What is Valora

The objective of the Valora Project, which is 50% financed by the European Social Fund via the Basque Country operational programme 2007- 2013, is to promote awareness-raising, dissemination and advice relating to business management and systems for organising the work of businesses in the Autonomous Region of the Basque Country. To do this, various activities are foreseen within different economic sectors and in certain business areas, which are firmed up in four working plans, which are in turn broken down into various programmes of intervention.

Programmes of Intervention

1- Plan of accompaniment

Plan honek helburu dauka enpresen beharrak bisitaldi jarraituen bidez eta focus groups izenekoak edo hiri behatokiak abiaraziz antzematea, sektorekako txostenak eta ikerketak burutzea eta enpresentzat zein agentzietako teknikarientzat ezagutza kudeatzeko tresna bat abiaraztea

2- Awareness-raising plan

Setting up awareness-raising workshops and conferences relating to the drive to instil new values within companies, and the organisation of forums of reflection or seminars. In the same vein, this plan of action also involves the production of informative bi-monthly newsletters to be sent to companies

3- Equality plan

This plan of action works to provide support and advice to help with the introduction of new organisational models based on the personal value of staff members, and the development of specific methodologies designed to ensure that equality and diversity plans take root.

4- Improvement plan

This is an action focused on support and advice to help strategic projects to be carried out in the areas of product creation and development, the redefinition of businesses, productive and commercialisation processes, knowledge management and innovation.

This web page have been developed in Valora project, this project has been cofounded by European Social Fund in 50%.

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